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Treasury yields slip to lowest levels in over a week ahead of busy week of earnings, economic news

Rates on U.S. government debt fall on Monday as a mild risk-off mood boosts demand for most government paper.

One-month T-bill rate falls on debt-ceiling fears as longer dated U.S. yields end higher for second week

Treasury yields finish higher for the second straight week as traders weighed this week's U.S. economic data.

Treasury yields drop by most in two weeks as U.S. debt-ceiling fears grow

Treasurys rally, sending yields down by the most since early April, as investors also weigh the prospects of an economic slowdown.

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U.K. inflation shock sparks fear U.S. markets will get caught off guard again

Carlos Jasso/Agence France-Presse/Getty ImagesPersistent double-digit inflation in the U.K. is raising fresh questions in U.S. markets about whether traders and investors are once again off the mark about the most likely t...

Treasury yields rise after surging U.K prices revive inflation angst

Data from the U.K. shows inflation is proving to be sticky, causing a broad selloff in government bonds that is sending yields higher.

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U.S. banking turmoil offers fresh lessons for U.K., says lord mayor of London

Events in March reinforce "the speed with which a loss of confidence can lead to a short-term liquidity crisis," says Lord Mayor of London Nicholas Lyons.

2-year Treasury yield advances for fourth straight day as traders continue to price in Fed May rate hike

Treasury yields finish mixed as traders express increasing certainty about a May rate hike by the Federal Reserve.

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Seized assets from Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank are fetching 85 to 90 cents on the dollar

The first pile of assets seized in March from Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank are fetching about 85 cents to 90 cents on the dollar, with more sales in the works.

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Why bank failures aren’t always a bad sign for the stock market, according to Invesco

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank in March and sale of Credit Suisse to rival UBS might have a silver lining for stocks.

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BlackRock wants investors to dump the 60/40 portfolio for this strategy

The 60/40 strategy that got a drubbing in 2022 is still not worth investors' time, argues the world's biggest asset manager.

Treasury yields push higher as market continues to price in May rate hike

Bond yields were higher on Monday as the market prices in a more-than-80% probability that the Fed will raise interest rates by another 25 basis points in May.

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Walmart borrowing $5 billion in debt highlights a thaw in a crucial area of financial markets

Retail giant Walmart borrows $5 billion in the corporate bond market on Wednesday, as credit markets reawaken after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.

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How to use bond/CD ladders as the ultimate hedge to keep your money safe

A careful selection of maturities for U.S. Treasury securities and bank CDs can protect you against interest rate risk while safeguarding your cash.

10- and 30-year Treasury yields score biggest weekly jump since February as traders boost rate-hike chances

Treasury yields jump on Friday as traders readjust their expectations about how much longer the Federal Reserve is likely to keep hiking interest rates.

One-month Treasury yield falls to lowest level of the year after March producer price data

The one-month T-bill rate drops after data showed the biggest decline in wholesale prices in almost three years, though other yields finished mostly higher.

Two- and 10-year Treasury yields drop by most in a week after Fed minutes, March inflation report

Treasury yields finish mostly lower after minutes of the Federal Reserve's last meeting mentions the possibility of a mild recession later this year.

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Mortgage rates are too high to move. Here are four stocks that benefit, according to a money manager.

If people won't move, what companies stand to benefit? A money manager identifies four.

Traders factor in slightly higher chance of Fed pause in May after March CPI report

Fed funds futures traders priced in a somewhat higher likelihood of a pause by the Federal Reserve next month after Wednesday’s data showed consumer prices rose more slowly for the month of March. The chance of a pause in ...

2- and 10-year Treasury yields rise for fourth straight session ahead of U.S. inflation report

U.S. yields finish mostly higher on Tuesday as traders await the March consumer-price index report on Wednesday.

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3-month T-bill rate leads advance in yields ahead of Wednesday’s CPI data

Yields advance as traders price in a better-than-not chance of the Fed-funds rate going a bit above 5% next month and staying there until at least June.