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MarketWatch on Barron's Live

November 16 | 12PM ET

MarketWatch - Financial Face-off

Leslie Albrecht, author of MarketWatch's Financial Face-off column, talks to personal finance reporter Andrew Keshner about the most interesting questions from the column, from whether it's better to shop at Walmart or Kroger, to whether it's better to invest in an ETF or own individual stocks.


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MarketWatch on Barron's Live Series

November 8 | 12PM ET

What to Watch on Election Day as Americans Decide Control of Congress

Americans are casting their ballots in the midterm elections, with control of Congress at stake. Join as the MarketWatch Washington bureau leads a discussion of what to watch this Election Day, including key states that will determine the balance of power, the issues driving voters to the polls, and what it could all mean for the economy and markets.


November 2 | 12PM ET

Why Isn't America Building Enough Homes?

MarketWatch real-estate reporter speaks with UBS analyst John Lovallo about high mortgage rates, waning buyer demand, and why we’re still short of homes in America.


October 26 | 12PM ET

Making Sense of the Latest Student Loan News

Student loan borrowers could be forgiven if they can't keep up with the latest news on the topic. The Biden Administration recently released its application for debt relief, some legal challenges are still pending, while others have been dismissed and the Department of Education is in the midst of implementing other reforms to the student loan system. Join MarketWatch Deputy Enterprise Editor Jillian Berman and Institute of Student Loan Advisors Founder Betsy Mayotte to discuss the latest student loan news.


October 19 | 12PM ET
##Is The American Consumer Running Scared?
Quentin Fottrell, managing editor, personal finance at MarketWatch, will talk to MarketWatch economics editor Gregory Robb about the impact inflation and economic uncertainty is having on the U.S. shopper in the runup to the holiday season, and whether their anxieties are justified.


October 12 | 12PM ET

##Medicare Open Enrollment Is Coming -- What You Need To Know

MarketWatch retirement editor Angela Moore speaks with Ari Parker, head adviser and co-founder of Chapter, they will discuss how to pick the best Medicare plan and avoid making any costly mistakes.


October 5 | 12PM ET

Mortgage Rates Are At 7%, What's Going On In The Housing Market?

MarketWatch real-estate reporter speaks with Zonda Research's chief economist Ali Wolf about the housing market, why we're not building enough homes, and when we'll see prices shift.


September 28 | 12PM ET

A History of the 20th Century and the Continuing Search for Economic Utopia

MarketWatch reporter Chris Matthews speaks with economist Brad DeLong about his new book Slouching Towards Utopia, a history of the economically miraculous 20th century and what investors, technologists and policymakers can do to ensure the next hundred years of growing prosperity.


September 16 | 12PM ET

MarketWatch on Barron's Live

The Darker Side of Money: Trends in Money Laundering
MarketWatch financial investigations reporter, Lukas I. Alpert, is joined by Sven Stumbauer, an expert with consultancy Grant Thornton to discuss developments in international crime, sanctions, money laundering and anti-money laundering regulations around the world.


September 14 | 12PM ET

MarketWatch on Barron's Live

How to Balance Retirement Savings and Student Loans

President Biden recently announced Americans riddled with student debt could see as much as $20,000 of their loans forgiven. Join MarketWatch retirement reporter Alessandra Malito and Byrke Sestok, a certified financial planner at Rightirement Wealth Partners, as they discuss how borrowers should balance paying down the rest of their debt and saving for retirement, or how to prioritize that extra cash flow if their loans have been wiped clean.


September 6 | 12PM ET

Metaverse vs. RealityOS: Apple and Facebook's Virtual-Reality Battle

A day ahead of the latest iPhone unveiling, Jon Swartz and Jeremy C. Owens of MarketWatch will talk to Lopez Research founder Maribel Lopez about the looming battle between Apple Inc. and Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc. for the next generation of virtual-reality technology, and whether the tech will ever find broad acceptance.


August 31 | 12PM ET

Supply Chain Update - What's Happening at the Largest U.S. Ports As Ordering Ramps Up for the Holiday Season?

Join Katie Marriner, data journalist and interactives developer at MarketWatch and Brian Glick, founder and CEO of Chain.io for a discussion about the state of the supply chain at the largest U.S. ports, and what various data points are signaling as importers prepare for back-to-school season and Black Friday.


August 26 | 12PM ET

MarketWatch on Barron's Live

Barron's Live from the Fed's Exclusive Summer Jackson Hole Retreat

Join MarketWatch's Greg Robb as he reports live from the Fed's annual summer retreat in Jackson Hole. Greg will react to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell's highly-anticipated remarks and provide listeners a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes discussions of the outlook for the U.S. economy, interest rates, and more. Greg and MarketWatch reporter Jeffry Bartash will be joined by the President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, Adam Posen.


August 19 | 12PM ET

MarketWatch on Barron's Live - Making Sense Of The Latest Student Loan News

Join Jillian Berman, MarketWatch's deputy enterprise editor and Betsy Mayotte, the founder of the Institute of Student Loan Advisors for a discussion of the latest student loan news, and they will share their expertise on the payment pause, debt forgiveness and any other student loan-related questions on your mind.


August 17 | 12PM ET

MarketWatch on Barron's Live - The Rental Trap

Quentin Fottrell, managing editor, personal finance at MarketWatch, will talk to Emma Ockerman, personal finance reporter, about her new column, “The Rental Trap,” why so many Americans pay over 50% of their income on rent, and what can be done to address this crisis.


August 10 | 12PM ET

MarketWatch on Barron's Live - Taking Required Minimum Distributions In This Economic Environment

With less than half a year to go until required minimum distributions are due, plus rising inflation and interest rates and a volatile stock market, some retirees may be wondering how to take their RMDs most financially efficient manner. Join MarketWatch's Alessandra Malito and Jody King, director of wealth planning at Fiduciary Trust Company, as they discuss the best strategies.


August 3 | 12PM ET

MarketWatch on Barron's Live - What Homebuyers and Sellers Need to Know About This Challenging Real Estate Market

MarketWatch deputy personal finance editor Leslie Albrecht will talk to MarketWatch housing reporter Aarthi Swaminathan about the state of the housing market.


July 27 | 12PM ET

MarketWatch on Barron's Live - Inflation, Older Workers and Their Impending Retirements

Inflation is changing the way Americans spend and save, as well as how they plan to retire. Join MarketWatch reporter Alessandra Malito and AARP expert David John as they discuss what near-retirees are faring with record-high inflation, and what this all means for an older workforce and generation hoping to retire.


July 20 | 12PM ET

MarketWatch on Barron's Live - Meet The Upcycler, a New MarketWatch Column on Sustainable Living

MarketWatch deputy personal finance editor Leslie Albrecht talks to assistant managing editor Rachel Koning Beals about Koning Beals' new column, The Upcycler, which aims to help you make more with less, save or earn extra money, and shrink your carbon footprint. Recent topics for The Upcycler have included how to use apps to reduce food waste, and how to save money when you trade in your old phone.


July 13 | 12PM ET

MarketWatch on Barron's Live - Retiring Abroad: What It's Like to Live in Southern France

After Lynne Garell’s husband died of cancer, she told friends she was moving to France for a year. She found a place in the small village of Bize-Minervois in south central France and has never left. She'll discuss her experiences with Silvia Ascarelli, the author of MarketWatch's "Where Should I Retire?" column, and answer questions from the audience.


July 5 | 12PM ET

Talks With Operation and Simon Game Inventor Jeffrey Breslow: Winning and Losing in Investing, Business and Life

Toy-industry executive and Hall of Fame game inventor of such favorites as Operation, Simon, and Ants in the Pants, Jeffrey Breslow, talks to MarketWatch assistant managing editor Rachel Koning Beals about why games reflect investing and life, overnight leadership after an office tragedy, how an inventor reinvents life post-career and much more.


June 29 | 12PM ET

How to Ease the Housing Shortage

Like much of the country, Vermont is grappling with an acute housing shortage. MarketWatch reporter Eleanor Laise talks with Seth Leonard of the Vermont Housing Finance Agency about state and local policies that can help address the problem.


June 15 | 12PM ET

Brace Yourself for a Summer of Inflation

Quentin Fottrell, managing editor, personal finance at MarketWatch, will be joined by Andrew Keshner, MarketWatch tax reporter, and Gregory Robb, senior Washington correspondent.


June 8 | 12PM ET

Social Security in a World of Inflation and Investment Chaos

Inflation and market volatility has retirees scrambling to protect their personal finances. Join MarketWatch's retirement reporter Alessandra Malito and economist Laurence Kotlikoff as they discuss how to make sense of claiming Social Security and ways to make benefits last in the midst of the chaos.


June 1 | 12PM ET

Highlights from MarketWatch's New Financial Face-off Column

MarketWatch personal-finance deputy editor and author of the "Financial Face-off" column Leslie Albrecht and MarketWatch managing editor Steven Kutz discuss the most interesting questions from MarketWatch's Financial Face-off column, from whether it's better to lease a car or buy a car, to whether it's better to get a cat or a dog.


MarketWatch on Barron's Live Series

Join MarketWatch on Barron’s Live every Wednesday at 12PM ET for exclusive live conversations with journalists and industry experts. The newsroom will examine current events and their impact on markets, the economy, companies and individuals.

May 25 | 12PM ET

Annuities - When They're Right and When They're Not for Your Retirement

When it comes to retirement planning, it's not just about saving enough money for the future but ensuring income streams are stable to last the rest of one's lifetime. Join MarketWatch's retirement reporter Alessandra Malito and Michael Finke, Retirement Income Institute Research Fellow at the Alliance for Lifetime Income, as they explore when annuities are appropriate, why they may be misunderstood and how to find the right one.


May 24 | 12PM ET

What the Midterm Elections Could Mean for Your Money

MarketWatch's Washington bureau chief Robert Schroeder discusses with Beacon Policy Advisors' Ben Koltun and Bowling Green State University's Melissa Miller the outlook for the midterm elections and what the outcome could mean for the economy and Americans' finances.


May 19 | 12PM ET

How Working in Retirement Is Being Embraced By Older Adults -- And Companies

MarketWatch retirement editor Angela Moore speaks with Richard Eisenberg, contributor to MarketWatch's “Best New Ideas In Retirement”, they will discuss the tight labor market and how Zoom is helping baby boomers work the way that they want.


May 18 | 12PM ET

The New Housing Crisis

Quentin Fottrell, managing editor, personal finance at MarketWatch talks to MarketWatch reporter Emma Ockerman and Adam Perdue, research economist at Texas A&M University’s Texas Real Estate Research Center, about rising housing costs and house prices, record-high inflation, the Fed's hawkish stance on interest rates, and what‘s next for America's real-estate market.


May 4 | 12PM ET

How to Save on Summer Travel

It's the summer for revenge travel, as many Americans plan long-awaited vacations with many COVID restrictions now lifted. MarketWatch personal-finance reporter Jacob Passy chats with NerdWallet travel and credit card expert Sara Rathner on how travelers can save money on their next getaway.


April 27 | 12PM ET

What Will the Fed Have to Do to Get Inflation Back Under Control?

Mickey Levy, chief U.S. economist at Berenberg Capital is a top Wall Street economist who has worried about inflation even longer than Larry Summers. Levy, the former chief economist of Bank of America, and a member since 1983 of the Shadow Open Market Committee, a group of economists that analyzes Fed decisions, will join Barron's Live to discuss the outlook for inflation and what the Fed must do to get it back under control.


April 13 | 12PM ET

Retiring Abroad: What to Know About Life in Panama

Kris Cunningham never expected to move to Panama in retirement. But she and her husband did just that about a decade ago and live happily in a city of about 83,000 people near the Pacific Ocean. She'll discuss her experiences with Silvia Ascarelli, the author of MarketWatch's "Where Should I Retire?" column, and answer questions from the audience.


April 12 | 12PM ET

Breaking Down The Big Move

MarketWatch personal-finance reporter and author of "The Big Move" column Jacob Passy and Deputy Personal Finance Editor Leslie Albrecht discuss homeowner's most frequent questions and how to approach buying a home this spring.


April 1 | 12PM ET

The Darker Side of Money: April Fool's Edition

MarketWatch financial crime reporter Lukas Alpert is joined by famed prankster and performance artist Joey Skaggs who will discuss his more than 40 years of media stunts and April Fool's pranks. Skaggs will give pointers on how to spot a hoax.


March 30 | 12PM ET

The Big Market Risks to Your Portfolio

Are you diversified? Inflation, war and a pandemic rage, but the level of risk in your portfolio may not be readily apparent. MarketWatch managing editor for enterprise Nathan Vardi speaks with Sander Gerber, CEO of Hudson Bay Capital about how he manages risk at his $15 billion hedge fund, and his recent work with Nobel prize winner Harry Markowitz on measuring portfolio optimization.


March 22 | 12PM ET

The State of the War in Ukraine and the U.S. and EU Sanctions Policy

MarketWatch reporter Chris Matthews speaks with Samuel Charap, senior political scientist at the RAND corporation on the state of the war in Ukraine and specifically about U.S. and EU sanctions policy, and their impact on the global economy and on Russia/Putin's decision making.


March 16 | 12PM ET

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, and the Impact on the U.S. Economy

Quentin Fottrell, managing editor-personal finance at MarketWatch, will talk to personal finance reporter Andrew Keshner about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the impact on the U.S. economy.


March 15 | 12PM ET

Women, Their Retirement Security and What To Do If You Feel Behind

Men and women do not approach retirement savings the same way -- aside from different investing behaviors, women have historically earned less because of the gender wage gap, or left the workforce mid-career to care for their children or elderly loved ones. Join MarketWatch's retirement reporter Alessandra Malito and Cindy Hounsell from the Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement as they discuss women's retirement security and what can be done to prepare for the future.


March 9 | 12PM ET

MarketWatch on Barron's Live:

How the Pandemic Has Affected Your Retirement

It's been two years since the pandemic completely reshaped society as we know it -- and changed our retirement plans along the way. Join MarketWatch's retirement reporter, Alessandra Malito, as she speaks with Teresa Ghilarducci, director of the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis, about how the pandemic has affected retirement savers.


March 2 | 12PM ET

Can the Fed Tame Inflation Without Causing A Recession? A Conversation with Glenn Hubbard, Former Dean of Columbia Business School

Glenn Hubbard, former dean Columbia Business School, talks to MarketWatch's senior reporter Greg Robb about his new book "The Wall and The Bridge." Hubbard was head of the Council of Economic Advisers under President George W Bush and was on the short-list for potential Fed Chairman. They will talk about the challenges the Fed faces in trying to control inflation and how the government and private sector can foster opportunities rather than simply protecting the status quo.


February 16 | 12PM ET

Taxes, Memes and COVID-19

Quentin Fottrell, managing editor-personal finance at MarketWatch, will talk to tax reporter Andrew Keshner about what to expect this tax season.


February 9 | 12PM ET

MarketWatch on Barron's Live:

How to Tackle Debt in Retirement -- and Maybe Even Before

MarketWatch's retirement reporter, Alessandra Malito speaks with Eric Roberge, financial planner and founder of Beyond Your Hammock, as they discuss debt management for retirees, as well as how to plan for your debt when entering retirement and what debt may not be so bad.


February 4 | 12PM ET

The Darker Side of Money: Banks and Regulation

MarketWatch financial crime reporter Lukas Alpert is joined by K2 Integrity Managing Director Ray Dookhie to discuss the latest in what financial institutions are doing to battle fraud and stay in regulatory compliance in a fast-changing world.


February 2 | 12PM ET

Inflation and the Federal Reserve: How the Fed Erred and What's Next?

MarketWatch economic reporter Jeffry Bartash talks to former central banker Thomas Hoenig about the Fed's big mistakes and what it can do to fix the inflation problem.


January 27 | 12PM ET

Organizing Your Digital Assets, For Your Retirement, For Your Estate and Beyond

Assets don't just include cash, investments and real estates. In today's world, assets include social media accounts, documents and cryptocurrencies. Join MarketWatch’s retirement reporter Alessandra Malito and Everplans’ founder Abby Schneiderman for a discussion on how to keep it all organized - and why it's so important to do so for your retirement and estate plans.


January 26 | 12PM ET

Biotech 2022: The Outlook for Covid Vaccines and Therapeutics, and Other Biopharma Trends

MarketWatch's managing editor for enterprise Nathan Vardi talks to Evercore ISI senior biopharma analyst Umer Raffat about the latest pandemic issues and the slumping biotech sector in general.


January 19 | 12PM ET

It's Year 3 of the COVID-19 Pandemic. What Should We Expect?

MarketWatch personal-finance editor Quentin Fottrell talks to Dr. Gregory Poland, who studies the immunogenetics of vaccine response at the Mayo Clinic, about the trajectory of the pandemic.


January 14 | 12PM ET

The Darker Side of Money - This Year in Fraud

Join MarketWatch for a look ahead at the new developments and
themes in financial crime that can be expected in 2022. We'll also look back at some of the most common trends in fraud over the past year and what steps law enforcement, regulators and financial institutions have taken to combat them.


January 5 | 12PM ET

How Will Rising Interest Rates Affect the Housing Market?

Interest rates are expected to rise throughout 2022. Michael Fratantoni, chief economist at the Mortgage Bankers Association, explains the implications for the housing and mortgage markets.


December 22 | 12PM ET

Seamless Charging Network is Key to EV Adoption. Here's What's Coming

Pres. Biden just announced a push for 500,000 electric-vehicle charging sites, but challenges and opportunities remain. Aaron Fisher, CEO of EVPassport, helps us explore a closed vs. open charging system, the role of utilities, how car makers and charging vendors might work together, and more. Rachel Beals will present some of the stocks and funds that may be poised to benefit.


December 15 | 12PM ET

Tips for Tax-Smart and Effective Charitable Giving, No Matter What Your Budget Is

Inequality editor Meera Jagannathan will talk to Deputy Personal Finance Editor Leslie Albrecht about how to maximize your impact when donating to nonprofits this giving season.


December 10 | 12PM ET

Will Home Prices Drop in 2022? Here’s What the Experts Say

In 2021, competition for homes was fierce, and prices reached records. Now, mortgage rates are rising, and the housing market is cooling. Here’s what that means for the housing market as 2022 approaches.


December 8 | 12PM ET

Robo-advisers and Retirement Savings: What's Next

Join MarketWatch retirement reporter Alessandra Malito as she speaks with Kristen Carlisle from Betterment for Business about robo-advisers, saving for retirement and the hottest trends.


December 1 | 12PM ET

Biden's Big Social-Spending Bill: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Seth Hanlon from the liberal Center for American Progress and Kyle Pomerleau from the conservative American Enterprise Institute discuss the Build Back Better Act, with the conversation moderated by MarketWatch's Victor Reklaitis.


November 19 | 12PM ET

The Darker Side Of Money -- Pandemic Edition

The COVID-19 pandemic opened the floodgates on a whole new world of financial fraud. Join MarketWatch to discuss how criminal actors have taken advantage of the recent global upheaval and how law enforcement and regulators have moved to keep pace.


November 17 | 12PM ET

Social Security and COLA: What It Is and What It Means for Your Benefits

MarketWatch retirement editor Angela Moore and reporter Alessandra Malito will discuss the cost-of-living adjustment in 2022, how it will affect Social Security benefits, what changes could be coming from Congress and what to watch out for next year.


November 16 | 12PM ET

Preparing for Student Loan Payments to Resume in February

After a pandemic payment pause that's lasted more than a year and a half, the student loan system is set to turn back on in February. Jillian Berman, Reporter of MarketWatch and Beverly Goodman, Editorial Director of Barron’s discuss the challenges the system may face moving millions of borrowers back into repayment and some tips for borrowers preparing for that first bill.


November 10 | 12PM ET

Saving, Spending & Living Paycheck to Paycheck in Your 30s — and Beyond

Meera Jagannathan, Inequality Editor at MarketWatch, talks to Quentin Fottrell about some of the latest dilemmas he's received for his Moneyist advice column.


November 3 | 12PM ET

The Post-Moratorium Outlook for Residential Real-Estate Investing

MarketWatch reporter Jacob Passy interviews Daren Blomquist, vice president of market economics at Auction.com, about how the end of the nationwide foreclosure and eviction moratoriums has affected investors' appetite for residential real-estate.


October 27 | 12PM ET

A Look Ahead to The Landmark Glasgow Climate Summit

MarketWatch reporter Rachel Koning Beals interviews Helen Mountford, an expert on climate-change economics and finance with the World Resources Institute, ahead of the pivotal U.N. Glasgow summit.


October 20 | 12PM ET

Moneyist Live

Meera Jagannathan, Inequality Editor at MarketWatch, talks to Quentin Fottrell about some of the latest dilemmas he's received for his Moneyist advice column.


October 13 | 12PM ET

Medicare Open Enrollment, What to Know and How to Prepare

Join MarketWatch retirement reporter Alessandra Malito and Ari Parker, head adviser and co-founder of Chapter, as they discuss the upcoming open enrollment period for Medicare. Learn the best tips for maximizing your coverage, the risks associated with the wrong (or no) plan and how many options you may have available.


October 6 | 12PM ET

Investing in Water: Focus on Infrastructure and the Mega-Drought

MarketWatch climate change reporter Rachel Koning Beals interviews ALINE Wealth’s CIO and founder Peter Klein. It's critical for the health of the world and a boon to personal portfolios to invest in water, a theme Klein has followed for 15 years. The new infrastructure bill would provide $55 billion to upgrade water infrastructure and help the U.S. contend with the devastating drought, but it may not be enough.


September 29 | 12PM ET

Historian Adam Tooze Talks About the Covid Financial Crisis and the Fed

Historian Adam Tooze followed up his award-winning book “Crashed” on the 2008 financial crisis with a new book “Shutdown” about the Covid pandemic and the ensuing financial crisis. Tooze will talk with MarketWatch’s Greg Robb about how the two crises differ, how the Federal Reserve responded, and how economic policies and underpinning theories may never be the same again.


September 22 | 12PM ET

The Infrastructure and Big Budget Bills

MarketWatch’s DC bureau chief Robert Schroeder discusses with Raymond James’ Washington policy analyst Ed Mills what’s next for the $3.5 trillion budget bill being pushed by congressional Democrats and President Joe Biden, as well the path forward for a bipartisan infrastructure package.


September 15 | 12PM ET

What We Can Learn from a 97-Year-Old

Frances Ballantyne, a 97-year-old born into the Great Depression and moved to New York during World War II joins Quentin Fottrell, MarketWatch's personal finance editor to share her life experience, her mistakes and smart money moves, how she has weathered crises and has been able to live comfortably.


August 4, 2021 | 12PM ET

Alternative Data - What Investors Need to Know

COVID-19 helped feed a surge in interest in alternative data as investors sought real-time insights into the economy and the pandemic. Economist Jens Nordvig, founder of Exante Data, talks with MarketWatch's Bill Watts about what works and the evolving role of alternative data in making investment decisions.


August 23 | 11:30AM PT/2:30PM ET

IBD - Free Swing Trading Webinar

Save your spot for IBD’s free Swing Trading Rules of the Road webinar on Tuesday, August 23 and start locking in quick profits! In this free webinar, host Justin Nielsen (IBD Market Research Director) will cover the fundamentals of swing trading, including simple buy and sell rules that take the guesswork out of trading. You’ll learn: How to identify a good swing trade setup, When to buy and sell, and How to swing trade ETFs and eliminate single-stock risk.


Mastering Your Money Event Series

Work life and personal life are emerging from the pandemic. How about your financial life? MarketWatch Mastering Your Money this fall will examine money and finance in the new normal. Journalists from MarketWatch and Barron’s will convene experts to explore market, social and economic forces affecting your investments, career, spending and family finances.

April 20-21 | 1PM ET

You’ve got spending and saving down, and have managed to pay off some loans. What now? Mastering Your Money will explore the risks to your money, and ways to confidently take the next steps in your career, life, and investing. Interactive segments will include solving real-life financial problems and a debate on hot personal finance topics.


September 28, 2021 | 1PM ET

We discuss your finances in the new normal, including investment strategies, retirement planning, and more.


September 29, 2021 | 1PM ET

We talk about navigating the new workplace, splurge or save, and solve real financial problems live with The Moneyist!


Investing in Crypto Event Series

Bitcoin and other digital assets are on a tear, having reemerged from a years-long cryptocurrency winter. The rally has been stoked by greater involvement by Wall Street institutions and central banks, and governments experimenting with their own digital assets. MarketWatch and Barron's journalists will convene top experts in cryptos and other financial pros to highlight the latest in the nascent sector and discuss what these developments portend for financial markets -- and the best strategies for prospective digital-currency buyers.

October 27 & November 3 | 1PM ET

Investing in Crypto: Turmoil and Opportunity

Crypto keeps moving closer to the mainstream but not without dramatic – and sometimes seemingly nonsensical – swings in the market. MarketWatch and Barron’s journalists will convene top experts in crypto and other financial pros to make sense of it all and identify the opportunities and risks that lie ahead for investors.


April 14, 2021

What's Ahead For Crypto?

Join industry leaders in discussions about the market outlook, long-term investment strategies, blockchain, the role of central banks, and policymaking.


April 7, 2021

How to Invest in Crypto

Join live conversations among experts about how, whether and why to invest in cryptocurrencies, as well as the regulatory landscape and the outlook for crypto ETFs.


Mastering Your Money Series

MarketWatch editors convene top experts to discuss what is happening in the world, and how it may be affecting your personal finances. The first series provides insight into topics catered to beginner investors. Find out what has worked well for others and situations to avoid. Ask questions to help you understand and navigate your personal finances.

February 17, 2021

Planning Ahead: Investing for Retirement and Other Goals

It takes years and a lot of hard work to afford life's big ticket items: buying a house, financing your children's education, taking that dream vacation and leading a secure and fulfilling retirement. Here are tips on making it happen.


February 10, 2021

Personal Finance Pillars: Insurance, Taxes and Estate Planning

Some of the most important aspects of managing your finances responsibly seem like the most confusing. We demystify life and health insurance, tax planning, and will and trusts.


February 3, 2021

Getting Started: Managing Spending, Savings, and Debt

It's hard to get a handle on one's finances in ordinary times. Today, economic and social uncertainties make things seem even more complicated. We offer guidance on getting started and tackling the basics.